Taking HVAC innovation personal.

Nowadays businesses like restaurants, cafes, and shops are focusing more on creating aesthetically consistent interiors. Samsung’s 360 Cassette, the world’s first circular-designed air conditioner, offers powerful, even airflow and brags a ready blend design which merges seamlessly with a variety of environments, allowing proprietors to make sophisticated and beautiful interiors that reverberate with customers.

Now, to make it easier to incorporate the device in a way that suits its surrounding décor, Samsung has created customizable design panels that may be applied directly to the 360 Cassette to complement each business’s individual aesthetic.

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Temper the indoor environment with innovative water-based heating and cooling technology.

DVM S WATER is a high-capacity outdoor cooling and heating system, ideal for large buildings. Unique to other DVM S models, the DVM S WATER air conditioning system uses water as its heat source, which connects to a cooling tower and boiler.




Saving Energy

DVM S achieves high energy efficiency through the use of a Dual Inverter Compressor with a Vapor Injection System. This compressor provides powerful, rapid cooling and heating with minimum energy consumption. Using these units helps save energy and the environment.


WindFree™ technology enhances your indoor comfort by using thousands of micro-holes to disperse fresh air uniformly without any cold wind. In WindFree™ mode, air is spread softly, creating a ‘Still Air’ environment that provides you total well-being day and night.

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